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Who We Are

Thoughtful Business Luggage


We are an emerging luggage label. Our core design philosophy is to create products that make the travel experience better, enabling smoother transit & better organisation on a trip. We launched our label in 2018 and our workshop is located in the outskirts of New Delhi.


Team of Luggage Geeks



The photo you see above is of one of the walls in our workshop: the 2 frames in the centre are both patents - first one issued in 1972 to Barnard Sadow, an executive in a US-based Luggage firm. It was the first time wheels were attached to a luggage so that it rolled better. Second one issued in 1991 to Robert Plath, a US airline pilot. It was the first time an upright trolley was attached to a luggage for convenient handling. We internally call this the Luggage Wall of Fame!

Today, we all would take trolleys & wheels for granted in our luggage, but both inventions aren't from too long ago. These 2 frames in the backdrop are an inspiration to us as we brainstorm our next round of product ideas. Needless to say, we are a team of luggage geeks:)


Why the name ‘The Assembly’


Few people realize how technical making luggage really is - dozens of varied components need to be brought together on an assembly line to create a single piece of luggage. In our early days, our team was debating which of these parts is most important in the luggage construction – is it the trolley? Is the wheels? Is it the zipper? We couldn’t hone in on any single part because each component has a significant role to play and without any one, the luggage is not fit for use. And then it hit us – that since it is the assembly department in a factory where the magic of a luggage product all comes together, let's call our label ‘The Assembly’.





Founding Team

Aditya Khanna  – Co-founder at Kara (www.karaessentials.in) from 2012 onwards – a label focused on essential leather goods. Kara is currently available through 1000+ stores in 100+cities pan-India. Previously, was a co-founder at Tyroo Media (an online advertising network promoted by Smile Group & acquired by Dentsu) for 5 years until 2010. Hold a B.Com (Hons.) from Sriram College of Commerce (SRCC), and am on leave from the full-time MBA program at Kellogg. Have a healthy obsession of playing tennis regularly & an unhealthy obsession of watching too much NBA. (Email: aditya@theassembly.in)
Mohit Garg – Co-founder at Novex (www.novexluggage.com) for the last 5 years – one of the top 10 luggage factories in India that has also serviced a loyal corporate base of 500+ large Indian corporations for their luggage requirements. Has built strong expertise in modern luggage manufacturing methods, and has led the technology transfer initiative internally to build a state of the art luggage factory in India. Holds a Management Degree from Jain University in Bangalore. Outside of work, enjoy discovering new music and traveling to unexplored destinations. (Email:  mohit@theassembly.in)