Toiletry kit

For a better packing experience, we recommend using packing aids such as our toiletry kit. Without it, toiletries have a tendency to get strewn around in the luggage while on the move.

Recommended for carrying all travel-sized toiletries on a trip
Dimensions (in inches): 7.9x9.5x1.6
Outer Material Twill Polyester
Included: 3 travel-friendly 100 ml bottles for liquids (*as per TSA requirements)
Main Features: 3 sections: (a) transparent detachable pouch, (b) open section with placeholders (c), zipped netted compartment
Water Resistant Fabric: Repels water for short periods
- Has a top hook to hang on the bathroom wall
- Warranty: 1 year

- Free Ground Shipping | Delivery Time : 4-6 working days

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